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Capturing the nude event on a nude beach for national television or personal collection takes a little forethought if you don't want to get hassled. Here are a few tips on how to go about taking photographs on a nude beach with minimal hassle.
In most cities one has to start with getting a permit to take pictures with appropriate overhead. If you are going to shoot on the beach you need some king of a valid permit.
The best approach is don't tell and you won't be asked.
Tip 1: Have a permit to photograph beach activities on Nude beaches from the board.
Tip 2: It is extremely helpful if the camera crew and the rest of the production crew is nude while on the beach whether they are shooting or not.
Tip 3: Place the equipment at the more remote location on the beach out of the traffic pattern,
Tip 4: When shooting be sure and point the camera and direct all attention to the "model or models" being photographed and not suggest that you are filming the entire beach.
Tip 5: Consult with those that might possibly be in the perimeter of the shoot. Seek their permission and have them sign a model release. If they do not wish to be involved assure them that they will not be so involved.
Tip 6: Be polite and open with people that come up and are curious about what you are doing. Most are just curious and not really concerned about the legality or technicalities of the filming.
I usually like to make suggestions from a positive perspective. Nevertheless there are a few things more easily expressed as don'ts.
Tip 7: Don't shoot from the tree line down onto the beach, especially near the entrance. This is were all the gawkers work from and the tourist trying to get a bit of video for the folks back home. Seen in this context the film crew does not come over well at all.
Tip 8: Don't crowd the sunset. By this I mean get those sunset pictures and fold up the equipment and get off the beach. It can get dark in a hurry and walking out of the beach in the dark might be not easy.
Tip 9: Put suntan lotion on those white parts if it is the first time you tried to be a naked film crew member without some previous exposure. Otherwise sitting through the film showing may be uncomfortable!
Nudity is the freedom of speech and thus protected by the First Amendment