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Mixed Naked Sauna, Posted 3/12 [M]
I've never done public nudity in the past, I've always kinda liked the idea of nudism but never had the guts to say to anyone and always felt I'd end up getting an erection when I was around naked girls. Finally I got the chance to experience mixed nudity thanks to a visit to a Finnish sauna with my girlfriend Sanna.
We'd been together about 6 months and she told me she was going home to Finland for a couple of weeks to see her family and asked if I'd like to come along, to which I obviously said yes. The trip was great and her family were really welcoming, and Finland is a real beautiful country, but the best thing we did, by far, was visit the sauna.
In Finland its pretty much the norm for groups of friends to get together and hang out in the sauna, all of which are coed. She said if I didn't fancy it I didn't have to go but she was meeting up with some old school friends for the night. Turned out to be 10 girls, only one of whom had a boyfriend with them, they were all really attractive, nice and slim, I knew I was going to be in for a treat.
When we got to the sauna I was surprised to see even the changing rooms weren't seperate, it was just the one large area for male and female, I also couldn't help notice the sign that nudity was mandatory, suddenly it all felt real! I stood hesitatnly watching all the girls undress, it was so casual, they just took tops, jeans, dresses, skirts off and folded them into lockers. The only other guy I was there with - Jarold had wasted no time in stripping off and was now completely naked and just chatted away with the girls as they continued to undress.
Sanna asked how I was feeling and I reassured her everything was cool and took the remainder of my clothes off, I sat down on the bench and grabbed my towelover my lap as I watched her mates peel off their underwear. Only a couple of the girls were completely naked at this point, most of them still had bra's and panties on and some of them still had tights or pantyhose on, it was such a weird feeling watching girls undo their bras and slide their pantyhose off all the while very conscious of the fact I too was naked, I had to remind myself this was not a sexual situation for anyone here, I couldn't let myself get a hard on.
Eventually we were all naked and headed through to our private room, it was very cosy indeed, we were practically sat on top of each other. I thought they'd all sit with towels over them but no one did, being completely nude and on display seemed to be part of it, not something I could imagine doing with my friends. Jarold was carrying on with his girlfriend Sara and 1 of the other girls, tickling their feet and stuff, I couldn't beleive the interaction, I also couldn't get my head round how he didn't seem to find it a turn on in any way, he was completely flaccid even as 2 damn sexy girls groped and prodded at him, got him on the ground and used their feet to hold him down, everyone just seemed to laugh as Sara rubbed her foot into his penis, I have a bit of a foot fetish so I was finding it pretty exciting watching but he didn't seem to care, it was just all a big joke.
I had to adjust my seating a few times and used my hands to cover up my penis at other points when I was worried about getting an erection but I managed to make it through the hour without making a spectacle of myself. I thought it was so cool how laid back it was, and I was delighted when a couple of phones came out and some of Sanna's friends took photo's with her, I even got to be in few, there's a couple of nice ones of just me and her but the one I love was one the Jarold took of me with all the girls, what a fantastic reminder of the day and as you'll see what an amazing looking group of girls, can't wait to go back to Finland next year.