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Real Nudism Stories:

by buster on November 18th, 2009
My family started going to nude beaches when I was about 13. As you can imagine this was a very exciting and horrifying thing for a kid that age. Well on one of my first trips I was off swimming with some kids my age and I had this erection I couldn't get rid of. Well everybody was going in to get ice cream and I had to tell them I couldn't. This one very cute girl asked me why not. I explained to her that I had an erection and didn't want to get in trouble. She seemed unimpressed and swam over to me. Then she said "hold on" and she grabbed me. She gave me a quick handjob, until I was finished and then just said ,"alright, let's go." It sounds weird to say but it was actually not sexual at all, it was just like she was helping out. I told her thanks, and she said no problem, and we got ice cream.

by ILoveLois on October 19th, 2009
Yes, on naturist beaches in France. Once I was walking along the water's edge with my wife when I got a hard-on - we just continued, and nobody seemed to mind. In fact, a few women gave me sly little smiles as we walked past!

by maleflasher on April 17th, 2011
Once at a public pool, 3 girls were flirting with me and I ended up getting a erection while standing at the edge of the pool, the girls laughed and one jumped up out the poll and ripped my swimming shorts down to my ankles, then everyone saw my erection

by Anonymous on October 16th, 2009
When i was a teen i always got erections in the locker room after i went swimming and it was really embarassing b/c only guys were around. Once a girl from school walked in tho and saw it. I also got a lot in public pools and it would stick out of my bathing suit. It did that when i was in the pool with my sister: She saw it, rubbed it a little, and then left it alone